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Want More From Your Family Life?

Is your family life not meeting as many needs as you would like?
Do you want more fulfillment and balance,
for yourself, your partner, and/or your children?
Do you long for more cooperation and peaceful communication,
in your household, your marriage, your divorce, your life?
Do you wish you had a deeper connection,
with other family members?
Do you want to be more confident that your kids’ needs are being met?

If any of these things are true, then this website is for you!

My family has created a family life that meets our needs for deep connection and satisfaction. The suggestions I describe here are informed by that experience, as well as by my studies and training. You can read all about that experience and training at my About Me page.

But your family doesn’t need to aspire to have a family life like ours to get something out of this website. To the contrary!

You might like allthe ideas discussed here. Or, you might just want to integrate part of one suggestion. Or, perhaps you’ll look the site over and decide that none of the family life possibilities discussed here are for you.

This website comes with no judgment whatsoever about “right” or “wrong” family life choices. Although I do believe some strategies are more likely than others to lead to nourishment, connection, and fulfillment for members of most families, I don’t believe my suggestions are the last word, or that alternative strategies are “bad.”

Moreover, I realize that each family has a unique set of issues and resources, such that, even to the extent a family desires to follow some of my suggestions, it may find doing so unrealistic.

Therefore, throughout this website, I offer you various possibilities you may wish to consider and strive for, to one extent or another, as you are both interested and able.

So, I invite you to peruse this site . . .

. . . Whether you know you want to make major changes in your family life, or you just want to consider tinkering with a few things;

. . . Whether you’re divorced, or married;

. . . Whether you’re a brand new parent, or you have a house full of teenagers;

. . . Whether you’re happy with how you and your family members communicate, or you’d like to learn about an alternative;

. . . Whether you use rewards or punishments in your parenting, or you don’t;

. . . Whether you love working full-time outside the home, or being a stay-at-home parent, or you aren’t happy with your current status and want to consider changing it;

. . . Whether your family loves having your children in school, or homeschooling, or unschooling, or you aren’t happy with your children’s current schooling situation and would like to consider other options;

. . . Whether you love breastfeeding and the family bed, or the opposite, or aren’t sure what to do and want more information;

. . . Whether you have only the occasional conflict with your spouse, or are planning divorce.

However it is for you, I welcome you here with a open heart, and open arms. I hope you find you are interested in and able to integrate at least some of the family life possibilities you discover here.

Below you’ll find a list of family life possibilities I have available for you to explore right now on this website.

This list is just beginning to grow though, so feel free to check back often. Or, if you’d like to be notified whenever I add a new web page, and hopefully get inspired along the way, you can subscribe to my blog.

Here is the current list of family life possibilities you can explore on my site:

  • Family Communication: Learn about the communication method that has helped me and my family so very much. It forms the foundation for virtually all of my offerings. You can use this method to communicate with your intimate partner, as well as children of all ages. You can even use the method to communicate with yourself, to strive for peace of mind when your needs are unmet.
  • Child Discipline Transformed: Discover how to transform your approach to child discipline. It may help you change angry conflicts into shared dilemmas, and resistance into cooperation.
  • Breastfeeding Questions and Answers: Get answers to all your breastfeeding questions, including those about the benefits of breastfeeding, full-term breastfeeding (AKA, extended breastfeeding), breastfeeding problems, breastfeeding in public, tandem nursing, when and how to stop breastfeeding, breastfeeding diet, breastfeeding weight loss, breastfeeding laws, breastfeeding during pregnancy, handling breastfeeding criticism and communication about breastfeeding, the breastfeeding toddler, and breastfeeding older children.
  • My Blog: TLC for Your Family is my ezine turned blog, from my heart to yours, aiming to meet your needs for inspiration and support, as you explore what might be possible in your family life, parenting, schooling, staying or working at home, and more.
  • My Services: Discover how I advocate for families and help them with attachment parenting, family communication, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, cosleeping, stay-at-home options, unschooling, and more.
  • About Me: Get details about my mission, and the background that prepares me to advocate and assist families in their efforts to live the most fulfilling, connected, and nourishing family lives possible.

And here’s a list of family life web pages that I plan to add over time:

  • Marital Relationship Communication
  • Stay at Home Moms (& Dads)
  • Stay at Home Work
  • Family Money Saving Ideas
  • Attachment Parenting
  • Cosleeping
  • Unschooling

You can be notified as I add these web pages, and receive words aimed to offer inspiration and support along the way, by subscribing to my blog.

Whatever you decide though, and wherever life takes you next, I wish you and yours, “Happy Family-ing!”