July 01, 2011 — TLC for Your Family #28 – Making Memories

TLC for Your Family #28 – Making Memories
July 01, 2011


We are so excited, as we squat around the clay. We discovered it while working on our pumpkin garden.

I pour water from our garden hose into a shiny steel bowl we had sitting around in the backyard.

We eagerly grab wads of hard clay. We begin alternately squeezing and dipping them into the cool, clear water.

My 7 year old son exclaims with joy about his plan to make clay snakes. I smile with delight at his delight.

Soon I decide to make a coil pot. I explain to my curious sons how it is done. My 11 year old son wants to help.

The wet clay feels deliciously slick and cool in my hands . . . these hands that have been on a lifeless, plastic keyboard most of the day.

I love the way my older son is talking with me as we work. He seems just like a mini-adult, and I wonder when exactly he grew up so much.

The clay is stiff and hard to form, so we need lots of water. Our palms are soon covered with a thick, gooey layer of clay.

We add coil after coil to our pot.

As we work, I notice wisps of my long hair escaping their band and caressing my face.

I delight at the feeling of that, and the cool breeze mixed with the otherwise warm, still air.

I savor the rich, earthy smell of the clay, wafting up from our hands as we work.

Soon my youngest son wants to help too. He works hard on big hunk of clay for awhile, trying to make it into a coil for the pot. He gets part way there, then asks for my assistance.

Before I know it we are all crouched around together, signing our names with sticks on the bottom of this precious pot.

My oldest son rests his arm on mine, as he engraves his name, laughing at how funny his letters come out in the clay.

Next, my seven year old son leans his face near mine, straining and giggling sweetly with his writing efforts.

Again and again during our time with the clay, I remind myself to be fully present to each sensation, I smile at the remarkable beauty of my dear boys, and I savor the priceless gift of being in such close contact with the Earth.

By doing these things, I have created a memory.

This time together only lasted about 40 minutes, but it is by far the most vivid memory from this past week. And I have a feeling, with the aid of the coil pot to look at, this is a memory that will last.

When I see this pot, it will all come back to me. The cool breeze mixed with warm air. The feel and smell of the clay. The sacred beauty of the lives I helped create.

I plan to make some more memories this holiday weekend.

Want to join me?

If so, I recommend focusing on what sensations you are experiencing in each moment, and what aspects of your experience you find you want to savor.
But whether or not you join me, and whatever life brings you next, I wish you and yours “Happy Family-ing!”

Tiffany Clark
Family-Focused Speaker, Author and Advocate
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