August 02, 2011 — TLC for Your Family #29 – Nonviolent Family Communication

TLC for Your Family #29 – Nonviolent Family Communication
August 02, 2011


What is “Nonviolent Family Communication”?

For an overview, you can read this email, and/or visit my Family Communication page.

You can also attend my upcoming talk. I’m so excited to be presenting on the subject next week at the annual Homeschooling Association of California Conference!

The conference runs from Thursday, August 4th, through Sunday, August 7th at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento. My talk will be Saturday, August 6th from 10:45 am to 12:00 pm, in Room 308. If you’re interested in attending, I invite you to get all the details at

But for now, let me just say this about Nonviolent Family Communication.

“Nonviolent Family Communication” is my phrase to describe how I apply Marshall Rosenberg, PhD’s method of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to family life.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider using NVC with your family. You may find that NVC:

  • Transforms stressful power struggles into opportunities for collaborative problem-solving, whether struggles are between you and your children, you and your partner, your partner and your children, or amongst your various children.
  • Helps you build and preserve the kind of strong, healthy attachment so many of us want with our children and partners.
  • Helps your homeschooling (or school homework involvement), by replacing punishments and rewards. Studies show that punishments and rewards can result in decreased interest in learning, less intellectual risk taking, and lower retention. See Punished by Rewards, by Alfie Kohn.
  • Helps you make more room for peace, joy, connection, and cooperation in your home, by replacing punishments and rewards. Studies show that punishments and rewards can result in the opposite, and many other unwanted side-effects as well. See Punished by Rewards, by Alfie Kohn.
  • For more information, I invite you to visit my Family Communication page, and/or attend my upcoming talk.

Well, now it’s off to fine tune my presentation for the conference! Hope to see you there!

But, whether or not you attend, and whether or not you choose Nonviolent Family Communication, I wish you and your family “Happy Family-ing!”

Tiffany Clark
Family-Focused Speaker, Author and Advocate
Discover What Might be Possible in Your Family Life!

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