November 01, 2011 — TLC for Your Family – Occupy Families?

TLC for Your Family – Occupy Families?
November 01, 2011


Here's your November 2011 TLC for Your Family Ezine – Enjoy!

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This ezine is dedicated to the hope that soon all will be able to afford “Happy Family-ing.”

As you probably know, part of my vision is to help families get more information about attachment parenting, unschooling, and Nonviolent Communication.

It’s my belief that, with such information, more families would choose such options.

Yet, I recognize that for many families it’s not about needing more information. It’s about affordability.

That is, a mom may be convinced that she wants to be home more, to offer the sling and breastfeeding on demand to her child. A dad might be convinced he wants to be home more, to help unschool his children.

But neither may be able to afford it.

Yet, how can I address affordability?

The problem is, the more I learn about our economic system, the more concerned I am that, as time goes by, increasing numbers of families will have trouble affording the family-life possibilities I suggest.

This is the main reason I have chosen to support the Occupy movement.

I have spent hours, virtually every day, for the past 20 days or so, at Occupy Sacramento. I’ve offered everything I can to help the movement grow and thrive. And I plan to continue to do so, indefinitely.

I see the Occupy movement as the best hope yet for getting to:

  • A world that meets the needs of all, not just a few;
  • A world of sustainable abundance for all, rather scarcity for most;
  • A world in which the voices of all are truly heard, and everyone knows that their needs matter;
  • And, most relevant to this ezine, a world in which all mothers, children, and families can truly thrive.

For those of you who might like to join me, but either have a difficult time believing that such a world is possible, or aren’t sure that our current system is broken, I invite you to watch the following YouTube videos:

  • "Zeitgeist 2" (by clicking here );
  • "Zeitgeist 3" (by clicking here );
  • “Peter Joseph: Message to Occupy Wall Street & The World” (by clicking here ); and
  • Other YouTube videos about certain specific aspects you might still be confused about (e.g., search YouTube for “federal reserve,” “money as debt,” “fractional reserve system,” etc.)

Please know that there are many ways to contribute to the Occupy movement, even if you can’t make it to your local Occupy location. Just keep Googling and Facebook searching (using the “Occupy” keyword), and I trust you will find a way to contribute that is joyful for you.
Also, as always, whatever you do next, I wish you and yours “Happy Family-ing.”

Tiffany Clark
Family-Focused Speaker, Author and Advocate
Discover What Might be Possible in Your Family Life!

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