April 01, 2012 — TLC for Your Family-More Options for Families

TLC for Your Family-More Options for Families
April 01, 2012


Here's your April 2012 TLC for Your Family Ezine – Enjoy!


For so many families there are limited options.

And this affects us all. When children don’t get the attachment they need, they are disabled in a very real sense. Synaptic connections don’t happen. The ability to create for the benefit of all society is reduced. The risk of behaviors that don’t meet society's needs, such as "criminal behavior," increases. See my Benefits of Breastfeeding page for more details and evidence of this.

Yet, it’s the reality today. So many families don’t feel they can even financially consider the “family life possibilities” I speak of. And the percentage of these families that do have options has dropped precipitously over the last few decades, and the last few years in particular.

I believe this is because our current economic system has encouraged those with wealth to understandably take actions (to meet their needs for survival, comfort, and security in an insecure world) that have made it so our dollars buy less and less.

In other cases, I believe families avoid certain family life alternatives because they understandably fear what people will think of, say, extended breastfeeding.

I believe this phenomenon too is an indirect product of our current economic system.

That’s because our economic system meets people’s needs for survival, comfort and security more when they convince people to buy things they don’t need – such as baby formula, and separate rooms and beds. This I believe, in turn, leads to greater cultural acceptance of such choices, and reduced acceptance of family life alternatives.

For this reason, I will soon be launching a new website focused on simple steps we can take to change our economic system.

The most exciting, hopeful thing to me is that I am not alone. There is an exponentially growing number of individuals and organizations seeking a similar or identical fix to what I am seeking – basically what’s called a “resource based economy” by most.

I’ll let you know once I get the site up.

Meanwhile, for some bite-sized info on the need for a solution like this, you can check out my favorite short (10 minute) video by clicking here. And for more details on exactly what a resource based economy might look like, check out this 14 minute video by clicking here.

Note, in the first video, the speaker refers to an “earth economy.” If you watch it, then find you want more information, I suggest you Google “resource based economy,” as this is the term most commonly used.

I hope you feel as convinced about the need, and as excited about the potential as I do.

And, as always, I wish you and yours "Happy Family-ing!"

Tiffany Clark
Family-Focused Speaker, Author and Advocate
Discover What Might be Possible in Your Family Life!

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