June 07, 2012 — TLC for Your Family – TIME for a Breastfeeding Song

TLC for Your Family – TIME for a Breastfeeding Song
June 07, 2012


Here's your June 2012 TLC for Your Family Ezine – Enjoy!


In the wake of the June TIME magazine cover, about attachment parenting, child-led weaning, and full-term breastfeeding (AKA, extended breastfeeding), I wanted to reach out to you all, with some words of empathy and a song I wrote.

It didn’t matter if you didn’t do attachment parenting, child-led weaning, or full-term breastfeeding, or if you did. There was something for you to get triggered about with the TIME cover regardless.

If you didn’t do those things, there was implication that perhaps you weren’t “mom enough.” If you did, there was an implication that you had perhaps taken motherhood to “extremes.”

So my heart and compassion goes out to all in pain after reading that cover, caused by a range of unmet needs I’m sure. For me the unmet needs were primarily shared reality, support, and peace between moms.

The incentive for magazines to spark such controversy to get sales, despite the societal cost, is one of the reasons I am now advocating for a totally different economic system (a Resource Based Economy, specifically). But that’s a topic for another day.

For now, I just wanted to take the time for a special "shout out" to all those moms who, like me, have had access to information about the benefits of breastfeeding and child-led weaning, and the ability and opportunity to do those things (I know not all mothers have), but haven’t necessarily had their needs met for understanding or support – yet nonetheless made the commitment to breastfeed, and to try to let their child or children choose when to wean.


TIME magazine cover creators may not yet fully understand and acknowledge your gift, but I do. The song that I wrote, videotaped, and inserted towards the top of my Full-Term Breastfeeding (AKA, Extended Breastfeeding) page, is my offering to you, of heartfelt gratitude, encouragement, and support – things I would have loved more of when my children were still breastfeeding.

Thank you so very much for all you’ve done, and do. As I say in the song, you give not just to your child, but to the world.

And, as always, no matter what choices you make as a parent, I honor them, and wish you and yours "Happy Family-ing!"

(BTW, some of you may have noticed that no May 2012 ezine came your way. Yea, if you noticed, as I'm guessing that means these ezines have been of some value to you. :) My regrets for any unmet needs with this though. Life just got in the way last month.)

Tiffany Clark
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