August 01, 2012 — TLC for Your Family – Join Me to Learn About Unschooling & Homeschooling?

TLC for Your Family – Join Me to Learn About Unschooling & Homeschooling?
August 01, 2012

Here's your Aug. 2012 TLC for Your Family Ezine – Enjoy!


Come join me tomorrow at the annual Homeschooling Association of California’s conference in Sacramento?

My two boys, Elliot (in red) and Keegan (in yellow) are pictured above having fun at last year’s conference.

There are tons of things to learn, and tons of of people to meet.

Indeed, there is so much to take in that I plan to spend a significant part of today plotting my course. So this month’s ezine will be shorter than usual, as a result.

Every year, for nearly a decade, this conference has been my source for education, community, and inspiration for our family’s homeschooling journey, and unschooling specifically. (For those unfamiliar, unschooling is homeschooling that is based around a child’s personal interests and choices.)

The conference is where I first learned about unschooling, met amazing young unschooled adults, and slowly gained the confidence to venture further and further into unschooling, and away from more top-down methods. Unschooling is not the only method discussed at the conference, but the whole conference has an unschooling feel and emphasis.

To learn more about the conference, click here.

I hope to see you there!

But, in any event, as always, I wish you and yours “Happy Family-ing!”

Tiffany Clark
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