October 03, 2012 — TLC for Your Family – Changing the World for Families

TLC for Your Family – Changing the World for Families
October 03, 2012


Here's your Sept. 2012 TLC for Your Family Ezine!

Girl holding globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisThe world will be saved by the western woman.
Dalai Lama

I regret any unmet needs with no ezine last month. I have been extremely preocuppied with trying to save the world! :)

Late last year and earlier this year I spent many months helping Occupy Sacramento learn Nonviolent Communication and work out differences.

But eventually I began to long for more focus. I needed some questions answered:

  • What kind of world change would be “enough” to help all families thrive?
  • And what would be the most effective way for me to help shepard in such change?

These have been difficult questions to answer.

But, after much reflection and research, I’m exploring the possiblity of becoming a part-time “sharing law” attorney, and sharing-focused mediator (in addition to keeping up my site and this ezine, and my commitments to my particular family).

Sharing law focuses on helping people share resources and gain empowerment, with the minimum possible unwanted legal and tax consequences. It can help individuals and family survive the looming dollar collapse and peak oil, as well as help preserve our environment. Think tool lending libraries, gift circles, shared backyard food growing, worker-owned businesses, home businesses, and such.

My intrigue with the value of sharing as a way to provide greater equity and abundance for families and everyone else, with fewer resources being used, began with my fascination with the Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movements “Resource Based Economy” vision.

Their vision is that we could come together in a network of worldwide cities, implementing the highest levels of technology, automation, and green energy, for the benefit of all humanity. We would share our intellectual and physical property, in fun, convenient ways, leaving no need for money whatsover.
No need to worry losing the “incentive” to work, because most labor would be automated. Plus, recent research shows that we’re the most innovative and productive when motivated by simply by our needs for purpose, meaning, and contribution anyway.

All the immense amount of life energy spent tracking, worrying about, and getting taxed on money would disappear. In addition, with everyone’s needs met, in abundance and by design, there’s reason to believe crime and poverty would disappear, and all children would have the highest possible likelihood of having healthy, informed, available parents.

There’s a lot more to the vision, which you can learn about by watching this video, but that’s a broad brush overview.

But I started to think, why not help people reap some of the survival and community-building benefits of sharing now, in our current economy?

This could help more people make it through the worsening financial issues and potential collapse. It could also expose increasing numbers of people to the benefits of sharing, which in turn might result in more people working for the implementation of a full-on Resource Based Economy.

So, anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Whatever I decide on the forgoing, I absolutely still plan on keeping my family-life-possibilities.com site and this ezine active – so keep your eyes peeled for future issues.

But, for now, it’s off to decorate the house with my eldest son, who adores everything Halloween! I hope you enjoy this month’s festivities too, and are enjoying whatever school or homeschool set-up you have going this year.

Happy family-ing!

Tiffany Clark
Family-Focused Speaker, Author and Advocate
Discover What Might be Possible in Your Family Life!

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