May 13, 2013 – TLC for Your Family – Oops, Happy MOTHER’S Day + Ezine Becoming a Blog :)

TLC for Your Family – Oops, Happy MOTHER’S Day + Ezine Becoming a Blog :)
May 13, 2013


Here’s your 2nd qtr. 2013 TLC for Your Family Ezine!

My regrets for the “Happy New Year” message subject I accidentally sent out on Mother’s Day! :) The content with what I had intended, but not the subject line. In case any of you deleted the message, thinking the whole thing was in error, here’s the substance again:

Happy Mother’s Day all you beautiful mothers out there!

Dahlia at Swan Island Dahlias ca. 1998 Near Canby, Oregon, USA

What an honor it has been to be there with you, for almost 5 years now! I look forward to another 5, and another, and on and on. :)

To that end, I have been super busy working to transform my site. I’m transferring it to a new host and making my ezine into a blog. The blog format will be easier for me to use, thereby making it easier for me to communicate with you – yea!

I’ll let you know once the transformation is complete. Expect a message within the next 10 days. The message will explain how exactly you can subscribe to the new blog.

Nothing much will change, except that you’ll need to subscribe to my blog, if you want to continue getting “TLC for Your Family” type messages and updates from me. :)

I hope you do. I was amazed to see that I had created and delivered about 40 ezine issues over the years! And I long to keep offering messages intended to meet your needs for understanding, inspiration, and information.

So, hopefully this will be the beginning of a fabulous new chapter for us!

In any event, and as always, I wish you all “Happy Family-ing” (in addition to a very sweet and long remembered Mother’s Day).

Tiffany Clark
Family-Focused Speaker, Author and Advocate
Discover What Might be Possible in Your Family Life!

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