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My Services

This page is primarily devoted to a detailed description of my services.

But I begin with a description of my mission, to help put my services in context.

My Mission

My mission with this site and my related services, is to help families.

I am particularly concerned about the unhappiness and disconnection I sense between so many parents and children in the United States.  I hope to help growing numbers of families experience as much fulfillment, connection, and contentment as possible.

My Services

To help families who want to move in this direction, I offer information. More specifically, I offer information about approaches that I believe can nourish and connect family members, according to my research and experience.

These approaches include attachment parenting (e.g., breastfeeding, cosleeping, etc.), Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and unschooling (i.e., home-based, interest-led, child-directed education).

I put special effort into increasing awareness and acceptance of full-termbreastfeeding (AKA, extended breastfeeding) and cosleeping in particular.  That’s because I believe these two practices can lay a foundation from which everything else comes naturally.

Along the way, I also share the fulfillment I have found, as a woman and a mother, with all of these strategies for achieving family connection and well-being.  And I encourage other mothers, even career-minded mothers like me, to seriously consider the possibility that they might experience the same fulfillment, both for the sake of their own well-being and for that of their children.

Yet, I only encourage this to the extent mothers can do it and still honor their other needs and interests.  I recognize that each mother has a unique set of issues and resources, such that fully connected mothering may not be realistic for all.

This fact brings me to my final goal, which is to advocate legal and policy change that might enable more parents to choose to physical presence, full-term breastfeeding, cosleeping, attachment parenting, unschooling, and NVC, to the extent they wish to.

This focus on broader societal change has expanded dramatically in recent years, as I’ve become increasingly concerned about how much I believe our economic system limits parents’ abilities to make nourishing choices for themselves and their families. I do most of that broader work though my law practice though, not through this site or its offerings.

So, back to this site, and its offerings.  These offerings include:

  • Free, family-focused information.  My ultimate goal is to provide over 200 pages of free information on this website!
  • Free, family-focused inspiration. I presently offer this throughmy ezine, TLC for Your Family, but soon will offer it through a blog instead.
  • Other writings. Please contact me if you are interested in my availability for a specific authorship projects.
  • Periodic public speaking engagements and workshops.  For example, I taught an eight week series on parenting with Nonviolent Communication more than once, spoke at the Homeschooling Association of California’s annual 2011 conference on “Nonviolent Family Communication,” and taught 15+ stand-alone general Nonviolent Communication classes to members of Occupy Sacramento.  Please contact me if you are interested in my availability for a particular engagement of this sort.
  • Advocacy efforts.  This area is still evolving, and is on stand-by to some extent, since I am busy with the initial phases of my law practice (which itself is intended to help create a world that supports families more). That said, I am currently on the mailing list of multiple family-focused organizations, including Moms Rising, and Attachment Parenting International.  I sign their petitions and have periodically spearheaded my own advocacy efforts (e.g., writing letters to the editor responding to anti-cosleeping articles).  Please feel free to contact me if you have advocacy efforts you’d like to see me involved in.
  • Other projects related to my mission.  Again, I invite you to contact me if you are interested in my availability for a specific project.

To read about the personal and professional experience that helps me offer the above, I invite you to visit my About Me page.

And to be notified of future workshops, web pages, and other offerings, as they become available, plus hopefully get inspired along the way, I invite you to visit and subscribe to my blog, or use the RSS feed subscription buttons at the bottom of this page.

Whatever you decide though, and wherever life takes you next, I wish you and yours, “Happy Family-ing!”